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What is Sponge ME?

Noun: the ultimate learning playground for ME, i.e. Math and English tuition

Verb: to receive into the mind and retain knowledge like a sponge

Synonym: absorb, soak up, imbibe, take in


Meet the Husband and Wife Team

Married couple, Leon and Adeline founded Sponge ME because they enjoy teaching and helping people. The two have been giving one-to-one and group tuition for more than a decade and count themselves lucky to have the best job in the world.

Leon specialises in Secondary Level Mathematics. He actually hated the subject in his younger days and often failed his A Math (his E Math was mediocre at best). :cry: Tuition did not go so well at first and he had to go through a few tutors to find the right one. One tutor apparently had smelly feet and poor Leon almost threw up his dinner! :shock: Thankfully, the next tutor was a perfect match and the two hit it off straight away. The tutor was very patient and did not berate Leon for being so clueless. Instead, he went back to basics and made Math fun for Leon. Eventually, Leon scored A1 for both his A and E Math. :lol:

As a tutor now, Leon is committed to making Math fun for his students as well. He believes that with the right learning attitude, everyone has the potential to ace Math.

Leon holds a 1st Class Honours Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from UMIST (Manchester, UK), scoring 19 distinctions out of 20 subjects. :wink: He previously worked as a Senior Engineer and Head of Operations in the tech industry.

When he is not glued to his iPad, Leon spends time reading and whipping up new dishes in the kitchen to impress Adeline. The self-declared Master Chef is quite a pasta expert, or so he claims. :D

“People always say that Math is a very dry subject but I beg to differ. Math is not just a bunch of numbers. There’s a story behind every formula and equation. Once you get it, the stars will align!” – Leon

Adeline specialises in Secondary Level English. A former magazine writer and editor, she is effectively bilingual and excels in helping weak students do well for their O-Level exams. Her forte is composition writing although the detailed marking gives her a headache at times! :neutral:

As a tutor, Adeline is committed to making every lesson an enjoyable and enriching experience for her students. She loves to crack jokes and poke fun at her own idiosyncrasies, so her classroom is always vibrating with laughter. :lol: Besides giving English tuition, Adeline also teaches personal grooming and social etiquette in secondary schools. Yes, she is quite the style guru too! :wink: Due to her frequent interaction with teenagers, she understands them well and hopes to influence them positively. :)

Adeline left for Melbourne, Australia after completing her secondary education in Singapore. She spent five amazing years there, earning a B.A. and M.A. in Communications from RMIT University (evidence that she didn’t just play). :lol:

A firm believer in lifelong learning, Adeline enjoys reading all kinds of stuff from history textbooks to trashy romance. She also loves to listen to music (especially jazz and oldies) and watch k-dramas (usually the really sad ones). When she is not doing the above, she is most likely competing with Leon for the title of Master Chef. :lol:

“I once asked a student to change the sentence ‘Huh, what you say?’ to proper English and his answer was ‘Huh, you say what?’ :roll: FAINT! Many kids these days seem to think that Singlish is English and my mission is to help them see the difference.” – Adeline

We offer one-to-one and small group tuition. To sign up as a Sponger, call our hotlines or email us now!

22 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi,
    My daughter is preparing for N level exams next year. Could you please email me your rates/schedule for English.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Mrs Goh,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Most certainly. I’ll email you my rates and schedule for English tuition ASAP.

      Adeline, English Tutor

  2. Hi Adeline,
    Would like to know if this is a 1-1 or group tuition,
    Daughter sec 3 in 2015, Please email me your schedule and fees.

    • Hi Serene, it was a pleasure speaking with you. Thanks so much for your enquiry.

      Adeline, English Tutor

  3. Hi

    I am looking for an A /E Maths teacher (2 in 1 per your reply to someone else sounds good) for my nephew, who has just finished Sec 3. We would like to help him build a better foundation in preparation for Sec 4. Appreciate if you could email me your rates, schedule and location for both one on one as well as group. Thanks very much.

    • Hi Gina,

      Thanks for your enquiry. I couldn’t agree more. :) A solid foundation will go a long way and definitely help him prepare better for his ‘O’ Level A & E Math exams next year. I’ll email you my rates and schedule right away.

      Leon, Math Tutor

  4. Hi Adeline,

    I’m interested to send my son for English tuition to prepare for his N level next year.

    Currently he had English tutor since sec 1 but his marks remain at less than 60%. I hope he’ll get good grade for Eng so that he can go direct to PFP.

    May I know the fees and schedule?

    • Hi Efa,

      Thank you for your enquiry. I will email you my rates and schedule for English tuition immediately.

      Adeline, English Tutor

  5. Hi, I’m interested in sending my daughter who will be in secondary 3 next year to your A maths class. Do you also cover E maths? What is your schedule and tuition fee?

    • Hi Jenny,

      Thanks so much for your interest. Yes, for my A Math classes, rest assured that E math is covered as well. You can think of it as 2-in-1. :) As there are overlaps in mathematical concepts between A and E Math, especially in algebra, geometry and trigonometry, I’ll be able to cover all the topics in both subjects, in depth, from Sec 3 to 4. For my A & E Math classes, the emphasis will largely be on A Math. My approach is to first cover the basic and fundamental ideas found in E Math topics, and linearly progress on to all related A Math topics, somewhat killing two birds with one stone. In my opinion, this will not only save time, but enhance a student’s learning curve, as many mathematical concepts are closely linked.

      For the next academic year (2015), my Sec 3, A & E Math class meets every Sun, 10:30am to 12:30pm. As for the tuition fee, I’ll email you my rates separately (don’t worry, you won’t get a heart attack… haha). Thank you. :)

      Leon, Math Tutor

  6. Hi

    I’m trying to get a tutor for my daughter, secondary 3 this year.
    She is really weak in her English
    May I know your rates for English tuition?

    • Thanks for your enquiry, Shermaine. I will email you the details of my rates and the schedule of the Secondary Three English tuition class.


  7. Hi – my child need O level English tuition next year, can I have your 2015 schedule for one-to-one and group? And also your charges? Thanks

    • Hi Victor, thank you for enquiring about our ‘O’ Level English tuition class. We’ll PM you our rates and schedule immediately.

  8. Hi i’ve got a boy next yr sec 4 express. He needs tuition for english. Where is ur location as we r staying at pasir ris. How much are ur charges? Many thanks

    • Hi there! We are located at Ang Mo Kio but our students come from all over Singapore. Group tuition is conducted over the weekends, so some parents send their kids here. As for the fees, we will PM you. Thanks for your enquiry.

    • Hi Sally, thanks for your enquiry. We’ll PM you the Math and English tuition fees and schedules for Secondary 3 & 4 right away. Cheers! :)

  9. Hello, im a sec 4 student taking o level this year. I am looking for help for english language, my results for english is always c or d. How do i get help ?

    • Hi Jiayu, thank you for your enquiry. I understand your apprehension given that English is such an important subject. Over the years, I have taught many students in the same predicament. On average, my students saw a three-grade improvement for their O-Level results. My 2013 students were the first batch that sat for the new syllabus and the majority obtained a B3 and above. I believe I can help you set a realistic target and achieve it (every case is different). Can I suggest that you give me a call some time next week (mobile number: 9105 5811) so that I can understand your situation better? Hope to hear from you soon! Best, Adeline (English Tutor)

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