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Private Tuition Singapore

Private Tuition Singapore

What is Sponge ME?

Noun: the ultimate learning playground for ME, i.e. Maths tuition and English tuition

Verb: to receive into the mind and retain knowledge like a sponge

Synonym: absorb, soak up, imbibe, take in


Founded by married couple, Leon and Adeline, Sponge ME offers private tuition for Maths and English in Singapore. The two full-time tutors specialise in secondary level and have more than a decade of experience giving one-to-one and small group tuition. They count themselves lucky to have the best job in the world! :)




For more information about our private tuition classes, please visit our webpages on Maths tuition and English tuition.

Don’t forget to check out our students’ testimonials and pictures of our tuition centre too!


What Our Students Say

Testimonial from Max Lim (English Tuition)

Adeline is a great tutor. She started teaching me when I was in secondary one and back then, my English was terrible (only managed to pass by a few marks). If it weren't for her, I would not have seen such a big improvement in my ...

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Gratitude from Pang Yu Sze (Maths Tuition)

Leon, thank you for helping and teaching both Qian and I for the whole year! :) I’ve improved a lot since attending your class! Your lessons are always very fun and enriching! I must say that you are a very entertaining teacher! :D I’ve learnt ...

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Thank You SMS from Caleb Gan (English Tuition)

Hello Adeline! It’s been a really REALLY wonderful three years being a student of yours! I am really glad to have such an inspiring teacher even though you’re only a tutor. I know we are not your most obedient students but you know what? Your ...

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Thank You Card from Yong Shi Qian (Maths Tuition)

Thank You Card from Yong Shi Qian (Maths Tuition)

Thank you, Leon for always being so patient with us and for being such a great teacher! Thank you for making every maths lesson so interesting and for entertaining all our questions. :) Your explanation of maths concepts and notes on calculus are the best! ...

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Testimonial from Looi Qianyu (English Tuition)

Adeline taught me for about a year. Although it was a short time, I learned a lot from her. She would always print well-written essays by her students and give them to us as reference. That really helped me in my writing as I learned ...

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