Private Tuition Singapore

Private Tuition Singapore

What is Sponge ME?

We are NOT a spa and we definitely DO NOT sell sponges. 😜  We are a boutique tuition centre (frankly, we prefer the term “learning playground”) that specialises in secondary level Maths and English.

Simply put, Sponge = Absorb, ME Maths tuition and English tuition.

Who is behind Sponge ME?

Sponge ME was founded by married couple, Leon and Adeline. The two full-time tutors have more than a decade of experience giving one-to-one and small group tuition in Singapore. They count themselves lucky to have the best job in the world! ✌️ 😁

For more information about our private tuition classes, please visit our webpages on Maths tuition and English tuition.

Don’t forget to check out our students’ testimonials and pictures of our tuition centre too!


What Our Students Say

Testimonials from Jolene, Jovin & Melvin (English Tuition)

To me, this has been the most engaging English tuition class. My English has improved a lot and the class has prepared me in every aspect (composition, situational writing, comprehension, editing, oral and so on). Adeline not only teaches us English. She also shares meaningful ...

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Testimonial from Michelle Au (Maths Tuition)

Mr Leon's math tuition class is very interactive and informative, and it has helped me to truly understand math formulae instead of just memorising them blindly (something I use to do in the past). This is perhaps the most valuable lesson I learnt while attending his ...

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Testimonial from Nicholas Foo (English Tuition)

I only joined Adeline's class about six months before the O-level Exams. Although it was a very short time, I learned many MANY things that were not covered in school! I think Adeline is a really funny and engaging English tutor, and all her lessons ...

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Testimonials from Jia Tong & Krishna (Maths Tuition)

When I first joined teacher Leon's maths tuition class, my grade was 36/100. I hated maths and my foundation was really horrible. But after teacher Leon's tutoring, my grades improved by leaps and bounds! Furthermore, I found myself enjoying maths lessons for the first time ...

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Testimonial from Looi Qianyu (English Tuition)

Adeline taught me for about a year. Although it was a short time, I learned a lot from her. She would always print well-written essays by her students and give them to us as reference. That really helped me in my writing as I learned ...

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Gratitude from Pang Yu Sze (Maths Tuition)

Leon, thank you for helping and teaching both Qian and I for the whole year! 🙂  I’ve improved a lot since attending your class! Your maths tuition lessons are always very fun and enriching! I must say that you are a very entertaining teacher! 😀 ...

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