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The Wait is Over!

YES! Our blog is finally up! *applause please* This is just a start, so do check us out every now and then for more good stuff. Oh and don’t forget to like us on Facebook if you haven’t already done so! 🙂

Testimonial from Ng Shou Kee (English Tuition)

I consider it my great fortune to have known Teacher Adeline. As an English tutor, she was conscientious in her teaching and made the effort to address any queries I had about my schoolwork. Given her past experience as an editor, my writing benefited most from her exactness in language and creative inputs. She encouraged me to think out of the box and study problems from different perspectives to give my essays fresh ideas. That stayed on with me long after our lessons ended. Teacher Adeline is not just a professional teacher but a very good friend too. I knew she would be supportive of her students when she generously gave me advice in drafting a letter of appeal for my application to university. Time after time, she has also given me and my sister advice whenever we run into problems, which touches me greatly. All in all, I recommend you to attend Teacher Adeline’s lessons because I know that she will be there to support you all the way.

Ng Shou Kee, Hwa Chong Institution

Testimonial from Melvin Ching (Maths Tuition)

Leon is a super good teacher! As his student for one and a half years, I felt as if he was my big brother, guiding me through one obstacle after another. Before I started Maths tuition with him, I had no idea what was going on, especially with A Maths. Every time I tried studying for the subject, I ended up either clueless or frustrated. And when it came to the exams, I was always very tense, which is probably why I failed in the past. However, after Leon started tutoring me, everything changed. For the first time, I felt relaxed while doing Maths! Leon was very patient and he was able to explain everything clearly. I knew that I was in very good hands and this increased my confidence and changed my attitude towards Maths. A big thank you, Leon! I really appreciate all that you have done for me, not just teaching me your ‘zai’ methods to reduce careless mistakes, but also for your brotherly advice and encouragement. 😆

Melvin Ching, Woodgrove Secondary School

Testimonial from Wang Yi Ying (English Tuition)

Adeline is a wonderful English tutor. Without her, I would not have seen the tremendous improvement in my English: from FAIL in Secondary Three to DISTINCTION for my O-Level. More importantly, Adeline is a great mentor. She goes the extra mile to establish a close rapport with her students and always makes them feel cared and understood. My lessons with her were always fun and enriching, especially when she used interesting anecdotes to drive across her points. These real life stories have left a lasting impression on me and inspired me to strive for the better. Thanks to Adeline, I found the courage and confidence to pursue a degree in Communication Studies, which demands an adequate grasp of the English Language. I’m really grateful to her.

Wang Yi Ying, Bukit Merah Secondary School

Testimonial from Looi Qianyu (English Tuition)


Adeline taught me for about a year. Although it was a short time, I learned a lot from her. She would always print well-written essays by her students and give them to us as reference. That really helped me in my writing as I learned how to express my thoughts and emotions with a variety of words and phrases. To be honest, I used to hate tuition to the core. Nonetheless, Adeline’s English tuition was an exception. Her style of teaching was very different from other tutors. She would often share her life experiences with us and crack jokes during lessons to make learning interesting. Besides that, she also looked after her students’ health. As our class was held early in the morning, most of us would skip breakfast so as to get more sleep. Hence, she would always prepare drinks and biscuits for our empty stomachs. The care and attention did not stop there. After obtaining my O-Level results, I sought help from her when I had difficulty choosing a suitable course in Poly. Without hesitation, she met up with me and gave me valuable advice despite having a terrible stomach ache that day. She’s really a caring and supportive tutor and it’s my honour to have met her! 😀

Looi Qianyu, Zhenghua Secondary School

Testimonial from Crystal Tan (Maths Tuition)

Teacher Leon is an excellent Maths tutor because (1) he knows the syllabus very well, (2) he makes complicated concepts seem so easy, and (3) he really knows how to motivate his students! Frankly, I was quite reluctant to attend his class at first because I wanted a female teacher. I’m glad my mum ‘forced’ me to go because I really like his teaching style! Thanks to Teacher Leon, I managed to ace both my A and E Maths!

Crystal Tan, CHIJ Katong Convent

Testimonial from Teresa Ooi (English Tuition)


At almost 40, I was the oldest student in Adeline’s class. After I graduated from secondary school, I continued to upgrade myself over the years, earning three diplomas and a degree to date. However, numerous attempts to retake my O-Level English as a private candidate were in vain (I kept getting E8!). Last year, I thought I would give it a last shot in hope for a pass. I am glad that I found Adeline’s English tuition class. She put me in a suitable class after finding out about my background and intention. I was in her class for less than five months before the exam and I learned so much from her. She was not only familiar with the syllabus, but was also able to address individual strengths and weaknesses and bring us up to speed for the exam. Seriously, after years of attending lectures, I think having a good teacher is a critical factor for learning and passing exams with flying colours. I never thought I could do well this round but I managed to get a C5 with Adeline’s coaching.  If I had found Adeline earlier, I could probably score higher and not have to retake the exam so many times. So thanks Adeline for your patience and professionalism!

Teresa Ooi, Executive Assistant to VP, MNC

Testimonial from Loh Weiling (English Tuition)

I joined Adeline’s English tuition just two months before my O-Level Exams. Despite that, I felt like I had known her and my tuition mates for a long period of time. We studied, ate and laughed together. It was a very friendly environment and Adeline treated us as her equals. Before my mother found Adeline, I always scored F9 for my English. However, Adeline helped me a lot and I managed to pass my O-Level English. Well, C6 might not be an impressive grade but it was a miracle to me considering the short time. All I can say is Adeline is really amazing and she’s the BEST TUTOR ever! Thank you, Adeline! 🙂

Loh Weiling, Yishun Town Secondary School

Testimonial from Brandon Tan (Maths Tuition)

I found Leon through the newspaper. There were many Maths tuition ads that day, so I just randomly picked a few numbers to call. Leon was the fourth tutor I talked to and I immediately sensed a huge difference. He was very patient and took the time to explain his methods to me. We spoke for almost an hour and the next day, I was at his place for my first lesson. He is the best tutor and mentor ever – very patient, caring and motivational. I never thought I would pass my O-Level Maths but after 10 months with him, I managed to score a B3! It was a big achievement for me because throughout my entire secondary school life, I have never passed Maths before! I will never forget Leon for all that he has done for me.

Brandon Tan, Yio Chu Kang Secondary School

Testimonial from Ng Shou Jin (English Tuition)

Caring, patient and intelligent. These are the three words I would think of first when anyone asked me about my former English tutor. In Teacher Adeline’s lessons, she does not assume the higher authority over her students in terms of knowledge, but interacts with her students by treating them as her friends. I have learnt much from her and I can safely say that she is the best teacher I ever had.

Ng Shou Jin, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

Testimonial from Renice Ng (English Tuition)

My mother found Adeline for me about four months before my O-Level exams. At that time, I was very weak in my English, scoring only D7 for my mid-year paper. It was a stressful period for me but Adeline helped to restore my confidence. She was a very caring English tutor with a knack for making every lesson interesting and fruitful. Her notes were extremely useful and she always made sure that I understood my mistakes by explaining each and every one of them in detail. Although our time together was short, I saw a lot of improvement in my English and I managed to get a B3 for my O-Level. I am now a more confident speaker and writer thanks to her!

Renice Ng, Deyi Secondary School

Testimonial from Fan Xinyang (Maths Tuition)

Leon is an awesome Maths tutor and I think he should teach other teachers how to teach, haha! Yes, he is THAT GOOD! His lessons are always interesting and enjoyable, and he can be extremely animated and funny. Under his guidance, my Maths improved tremendously. Even now in poly, I’m able to apply what he has taught me for Engineering Maths. That’s so cool! 😎

Fan Xinyang, Outram Secondary School

Testimonial from Emalia Lau (English Tuition)

To me, Adeline is not only an English tutor, but also a friend. I can talk to her about everything under the sun and I appreciate that she often shares with me her life experiences. However, when it is time to get down to work, she means business. Her lessons are always well-organised, interesting and enriching. Under her tutelage, my English has improved a lot. When I first started with her, my grammar was really bad but she did not mind teaching me the basics all over again. Till today, she is always reminding me to apply what I’ve learnt!

Emalia Lau, Yishun Town Secondary School