Testimonial from Brendan Yap (Maths Tuition)

Having maths tuition with Leon has helped me to understand maths much better and also allowed me to develop a strong liking towards the subject.

Leon is a very passionate and caring tutor. He would always make sure that I fully understand every concept before moving on and over the years he has given me many valuable tips for improvement. Leon is also a really fun teacher as he adds humour to his lessons. Before Leon, I never imagined maths could be so enjoyable.

Thanks for your guidance and encouragement over the last 4 years and for helping me get distinctions for both my O-level maths subjects. You are right, maths rocks! 🙂

Brendan Yap, Queensway Secondary School

Testimonials from Jia Tong & Krishna (Maths Tuition)


When I first joined teacher Leon’s maths tuition class, my grade was 36/100. I hated maths and my foundation was really horrible. But after teacher Leon’s tutoring, my grades improved by leaps and bounds! Furthermore, I found myself enjoying maths lessons for the first time in my life! From my worst subject, maths became my favourite and most confident subject.

Teacher Leon is very patient and lively. Whenever we are faced with doubts, he would always go through the questions thoroughly to ensure that everyone understands before moving on. He engages the class with additional background information that is highly interesting and fun. Lessons in school would never go through such stuff! I love your class, teacher Leon! Thanks for helping me score A2 for my O-Level! 🙂

Kow Jia Tong, Hougang Secondary School


I have been attending Mr Leon’s tuition class for about 2 years now. Initially, I was very bad at maths. Mr Leon’s tuition class has helped me strengthen my foundation in mathematics and all the activities we do in class has been very useful. Over time everything fell into place. Mr Leon is a very good maths tutor. In my opinion, without his dedicated coaching, I would never have been able to pass mathematics. He really knows his stuff so well, I can’t even explain it! He is a brilliant teacher!!

Krishna N., Christ Church Secondary School

Testimonial from Nicholas Foo (English Tuition)


I only joined Adeline’s class about six months before the O-level Exams. Although it was a very short time, I learned many MANY things that were not covered in school! I think Adeline is a really funny and engaging English tutor, and all her lessons are very meaningful and enjoyable. 🙂  The best part about her is that she is very good at explaining things and she always makes sure that everyone in class is absolutely clear about something before moving on to another point. Really wish my mother found her earlier!

Nicholas Foo, Anderson Secondary School

Note from Nicholas’ mother – “Hi Adeline, thanks for helping Nicholas pass his English. I really appreciate your guidance to him. He was very happy under you and I still hear him talking about you and appreciating you until now. 🙂 “

Testimonial from Michelle Au (Maths Tuition)

Mr Leon’s math tuition class is very interactive and informative, and it has helped me to truly understand math formulae instead of just memorising them blindly (something I use to do in the past). This is perhaps the most valuable lesson I learnt while attending his classes, and it has helped me improve a lot.

Mr Leon, thanks for making every lesson so interesting and for being so patient with Caitlin and me. Thanks also for the chocolates! 🙂

Michelle Au, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

Testimonial from Joshua Ong (English Tuition)

I was in Adeline’s English tuition class for four years and I really learnt a lot from her. The class has broadened my horizons and made me more open to new ideas and different views. Adeline is a very knowledgeable and funny tutor. She is able to help her students understand things easily by giving lots of examples and telling interesting stories.

Thanks, Adeline! I feel very honoured to be under your guidance. Thank you for being such an engaging and fun teacher. 🙂

Joshua Ong, Beatty Secondary School

Testimonial from Tricia Chan (Maths Tuition)

Leon’s math tuition class has definitely improved my grades. I didn’t fail math anymore which is a huge improvement for me as I was failing badly since the start of secondary 3. Leon is VERY good at explaining everything and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to ask questions and clear all my doubts during class. I believe this was of paramount importance to my improvement (F9 to B3 for my O-Levels). His class also gave me exposure to a wide spectrum of math problems, where I learnt how to apply different techniques and strategies to help me score better for my exams.

Leon, you are awesome! 🙂  Thank you for all that you have done!

Tricia Chan, Gan Eng Seng School

Testimonials from Jolene, Jovin & Melvin (English Tuition)

To me, this has been the most engaging English tuition class. My English has improved a lot and the class has prepared me in every aspect (composition, situational writing, comprehension, editing, oral and so on). Adeline not only teaches us English. She also shares meaningful life lessons and teaches us how to be a better person. I am really glad I joined the class! 🙂

Jolene Lee, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School


Under Adeline’s wise guidance, my English grade jumped from C5 to A2 in eight months! Adeline is a very interesting and engaging English tutor who has countless jokes to tell. Thank you Adeline for the wonderful 2014 that you have given to all your students! You should add another insanely difficult grammar test to kill your students! 😀

Jovin Koh, Bowen Secondary School 

Note from Jovin’s mother – “Hi Adeline, thank you so much for teaching Jovin. I’m really surprised. I never expected him to do so well! Many many thanks to you!”


Wonderful experience! Adeline’s English tuition is very different from other tuition classes — highly enjoyable. I have learnt many useful writing techniques and grammar rules, and how to pronounce words correctly. Adeline, you are the best teacher I have ever had in my life. Thanks for helping me get a B4 within such a short time! 🙂  I wish you every success in the future!  

Melvin Tan, Yuying Secondary School 

Note from Melvin’s mother – “Adeline, I would like to thank you for guiding Melvin during his hard times and helping him get a higher grade. Also, thank you for comforting me when Melvin was stressed over his O-Level last year. I really appreciate the help you gave us.”

Testimonial from Chew Jia Rong (Maths Tuition)

A Maths Tuition Class 2014 - Jia Rong

Leon’s math tuition class has exceeded my expectations by a long shot! I came into his tuition class with F9 for both maths. Despite starting a little later than everyone else in class (joining only in secondary four), I have made much improvement in the limited time and have learnt a great deal on how to effectively reduce my careless mistakes and improve my proficiency in math. I tackle math questions with more confidence now.

Leon is a very friendly and approachable math tutor with a knack for communicating with students our age. He explains topics clearly with the intention of sharing the fundamentals with us and not just going through steps to solve questions. Eventually, for my O-Levels, I got A1 for A Math and A2 for E Math. Thank you so much, Leon! If it wasn’t for you I don’t think I could have gotten such great results! 🙂

Chew Jia Rong, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

Note from Jia Rong’s mother – “Hi Leon, I appreciate your guidance for Jia Rong this past year. She has shown tremendous improvement in her math and has achieved excellent results for her ‘O’ Levels. Jia Rong is very happy with her results, and my husband and I are also extremely proud. Thank you for your effort!”

Testimonial from Dawn Tan (English Tuition)

I used to score C5-C6 for English in my lower secondary days. However, after two years of English tuition with Adeline, I managed to get an A2 for my N-Level! My tremendous improvement would not have been possible without Adeline, so I’m really grateful to her for being such a good English tutor.

Thank you for teaching me, Adeline. I really like that you explain things so clearly and I have learned so much from you, especially all the writing techniques. Without you, I wouldn’t know any quotes at all, haha! 🙂  Also, thank you for always trying your best to make the lessons interesting and fun by telling us your life stories and jokes. I am really thankful to you for always smiling and being so energetic in class even though we were really quiet at times. Thank you for being so committed to us! You have not only taught us English, but also many other things in life that are not covered in school. 🙂  🙂

Dawn Tan, CHIJ

Testimonial from Nicholas Lee (Maths Tuition)

F9 to A1 in less than a year. What more can I say. Leon is a helpful and encouraging math tutor and his explanation of mathematical concepts is crystal clear.

Nicholas Lee, School of Science and Technology

Note from Nicholas’ mother – “Leon, I just want to say a really BIG THANK YOU for helping Nicholas in the last one year with his math. I know he called to share with you that he scored A1 for both math papers. To me it is a real miracle! You had been more than a tutor to him as you had obviously connected with him and that was critical to help him regain confidence and to become motivated once again. Though it was a short one year, I will always appreciate all that you have done for Nicholas, something his Sec 1 and 2 math teachers had not been able to do. God bless and wishing you and your family the best. Take care! 🙂  Kit”

Thank You SMS from Caleb Gan (English Tuition)


Hello Adeline! It’s been a really REALLY wonderful three years being a student of yours! I am really glad to have such an inspiring teacher even though you’re only a tutor. I know we are not your most obedient students but you know what? Your English tuition class is the ONLY one I’ve ever looked forward to attending (really learnt a lot and enjoyed myself). Thank you for being SOOOOOOOOOO patient with all of us. I know I have gone overboard many times but that’s because I was not mature enough to realise it. Please forgive me! 🙂  Also, sorry for handing in all the slipshod work all these years! Sorry that you have to mark my horrible essays! I promise you that the work that I’ve handed in to you and the work that I’ll be handing in to Cambridge will be of different calibre! I PROMISE! I just want you to know that I feel very lucky to be your student for the past three years and really, NO amount of words can express the gratitude and respect I have for you. You’ve been very realistic with all of us and I’m grateful for that because not many teachers will be so upfront and tell us how terrible we are at the subject. I am glad that you entered this profession because it is teachers like you who inspire and make a lasting impact on students like me. 🙂  Last of all, I once read a memorable saying that goes, “Those who can, do. Those who REALLY can, teach.” 😀  Please continue to inspire students and do keep in touch with our class.

Caleb Gan, Coral Secondary School