English Tuition Singapore

English Tuition Singapore

Meet English Tutor, Adeline

english-tuition-singapore-adelineAdeline specialises in secondary level English. A former magazine writer and editor, she is effectively bilingual and excels in helping weak students do well for their O-Level exams. Her forte is essay writing (composition and situational writing) although the detailed marking gives her a headache at times! 😐

Like most private tutors in Singapore, Adeline started off as a part-time English tutor before converting to full-time when she realised that teaching was her calling. Since her first student in 2000, she has taught hundreds of secondary school students with varying abilities and gone through two syllabus changes in 2004 and 2013. She is very experienced and is committed to making every lesson an enjoyable and enriching experience for her students. She also loves to crack jokes and poke fun at her own idiosyncrasies, so her classroom is always vibrating with laughter. 😆

Besides giving English tuition, Adeline also teaches personal grooming and social etiquette in secondary schools. Yes, she is quite the style guru too! 😉

Adeline left for Melbourne, Australia after completing her secondary education in Singapore. She spent five amazing years there, earning a B.A. and M.A. in Communications from RMIT University (evidence that she didn’t just play). 😆

A firm believer in lifelong learning, Adeline enjoys reading all kinds of books from history texts to trashy romance. She also loves to listen to music (especially jazz and oldies) and watch k-dramas (usually the really sad ones). When she is not doing the above, she is most likely competing with Leon for the title of Master Chef. 😆

Adeline’s Teaching Philosophy

Mastering English can be challenging or even painful for some students. However, when they find a purpose and develop a passion for the language, the learning experience immediately becomes more enjoyable and effective.

The first thing students will learn in Adeline’s tuition class is that English is not just a subject that is studied and tested in school, but an essential skill that enables them to participate constructively in their interaction with others. They will also come to realise that with a high level of proficiency in English, they will have a competitive advantage over others such as increased employability in future.

In order to instil interest, Adeline believes that students must first like her as a person. Let’s face it. Students, in particular teenagers with a rebellious streak, will not learn from people they do not like or respect. Due to her frequent interaction with teenagers, Adeline understands them very well and hopes to influence them positively. 🙂  Many of her students treat her like a big sister and mentor, and continue to keep in touch with her long after they have graduated.

In class, Adeline conducts a variety of individual and group-based activities with the aim to foster a fun and meaningful learning experience for her students. A practical and result-oriented tutor, she has put in place a tried and tested learning system that is in line with the GCE O-Level English Syllabus. She believes that the best way to improve a person’s written English is simply through writing, so students can expect to write many essays in her class, among other things. Every sentence in her students’ work is carefully scrutinised and painstakingly corrected, packed with loads of helpful comments and tips. Common mistakes are even highlighted in different colours for clarity, so don’t be surprised if your essay gets a major facelift. 🙂

I once asked a new student to correct ‘Huh, what you say?’ to proper English and his answer was ‘Huh, you say what?’ 🙄 FAINT! Although the number of people who speak English in Singapore has increased compared to a generation ago, I cannot help but notice a decline in quality. Many students these days seem to think that Singlish is English. Those who lack a good grounding in grammar cannot even construct a simple sentence without making grammatical errors. They have no confidence in their spoken and written English and it is my mission to help them.” – Adeline, English Tutor


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