Maths Tuition Singapore

Maths Tuition Singapore

Meet Maths Tutor, Leon

maths-tuition-singapore-leonLeon specialises in secondary level Mathematics. He actually hated the subject in his younger days and often failed his A Maths (his E Maths was mediocre at best). 😥  Maths tuition did not go so well at first and he had to go through a few tutors to find the right one. One tutor apparently had smelly feet and poor Leon almost threw up his dinner! 😯 Thankfully, the next tutor was a perfect match and the two hit it off straight away. The tutor was very patient and did not berate Leon for being so clueless. Instead, he went back to basics and made Maths fun for Leon. Eventually, Leon scored A1 for both his A and E Maths for his O-Level exams. 😆

As a full-time Maths tutor now, Leon is committed to making Maths fun for his students as well. He believes that with the right learning attitude, everyone has the potential to ace Maths.

Leon holds a 1st Class Honours Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from UMIST (Manchester, UK), scoring 19 distinctions out of 20 subjects. 😉  He previously worked as a Senior Engineer and Head of Operations in the tech industry, and is a member of the Association of Mathematics Educators (AME) in Singapore.

When he is not glued to his iPad, Leon spends time motorcyling, reading and whipping up new dishes in the kitchen to impress Adeline. The self-declared Master Chef is quite a pasta expert, or so he claims. 😀

Leon’s Teaching Philosophy

Why study Mathematics? Why learn Algebra? What good is Trigonometry? To many, Mathematics is nothing more than just a bunch of meaningless numbers and symbols that have nothing to do with real life. At most, knowing how to add, subtract, divide and multiply has some use in daily life and that’s it. Hence, it is no wonder that many students, whether at the primary, secondary or tertiary level all end up treating Mathematics as a subject that bears no other meaning than having to memorise a bunch of formulae, theorems and steps to solve impractical and nonsensical problems. Sound familiar?

In school, a typical Maths lesson often starts with a brief recitation of a formula or theorem and how to apply it using multiple examples of common problems relating to that topic. Then it’s practice, practice and more practice. This is indeed part and parcel of the learning process for students to do well for their Maths exams. However, to only focus on the ‘how to’ and ignore the ‘why’ of Mathematics is perhaps the quickest way to drown students into boredom, disinterest and eventually dislike. 😥

On the flip side, imagine finding out what Algebra is really about and how it is deeply interwoven into modern day life. Imagine finally understanding what a mathematical function is, that it is literally everywhere, not just in textbooks. Imagine learning Mathematics because you find that it is the most interesting, intriguing and imaginative subject known to man – NOT because you have to. Imagine no more, because this is exactly what a student in Leon’s tuition class will experience – Mathematics demystified and exposed for all its beauty. 🙂  Students with an inherent flair for numbers will gain a greater appreciation of the subject they already love, while those who are clueless will experience the ‘aha’ effect and everything will finally make sense. 😀

Leon believes that once students fully understand the reasons behind Mathematics, they will inevitably find purpose and naturally develop interest in the subject. Though it may be a small step, it is no doubt a critical step in the right direction that leads to building a solid foundation for developing critical thinking and an acute intuition for numbers, equations and graphs, i.e. the essential cognitive skills required for analysing and solving mathematical problems. Once this is firmly established, practice becomes more meaningful and success will ensue. 🙂

People always say that Maths is a very dry subject but I beg to differ. Maths is not just a bunch of numbers. There’s a story behind every formula and equation. Once you get it, the stars will align! ” – Leon, Maths Tutor


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