Testimonials from Ethan, Junyi, Darrell, Yishan, Wan Qing and Rui Yang (English Tuition)

English Tuition O-Level Class 2019

      Teacher Adeline is the best English teacher I’ve ever had. She is patient and puts in great effort in explaining / teaching / enlightening me while making the class interesting with her humour. Thank you, teacher!

      Ethan Lim, Anglo-Chinese School Independent


      This tutor is a responsible, funny, logical, practical, passionate and sleep-deprived workaholic. 😂

      Guo Junyi, Bukit View Secondary School


      Adeline is able to get the class to listen. She is also very good at making us laugh. I feel that her English tuition has helped me a lot, especially when it comes to planning situational writing and answering different types of comprehension questions.

      Darrell Cher, Montfort Secondary School


      This is a very engaging class. All areas are well-covered and clearly explained. Feedback on homework is especially helpful. Thank you! 😊

      Koh Yishan, CHIJ St. Joseph


      A very good and useful tuition conducted by a funny, knowledgeable and wise tutor. 😊

      Tan Wan Qing, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School


      Everything is good and the tutor is very cool. 😄

      Goh Rui Yang, Canberra Secondary School

      Note from Rui Yang’s mother — Thank you very much! I will definitely highly recommend your tuition center! Your materials are good, not like usual tuition materials.

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