Testimonial from Dawn Tan (English Tuition)

I used to score C5-C6 for English in my lower secondary days. However, after two years of English tuition with Adeline, I managed to get an A2 for my N-Level! My tremendous improvement would not have been possible without Adeline, so I’m really grateful to her for being such a good English tutor.

Thank you for teaching me, Adeline. I really like that you explain things so clearly and I have learned so much from you, especially all the writing techniques. Without you, I wouldn’t know any quotes at all, haha! 🙂  Also, thank you for always trying your best to make the lessons interesting and fun by telling us your life stories and jokes. I am really thankful to you for always smiling and being so energetic in class even though we were really quiet at times. Thank you for being so committed to us! You have not only taught us English, but also many other things in life that are not covered in school. 🙂  🙂

Dawn Tan, CHIJ

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