Testimonial from Jessica Lim (English Tuition)

Honestly, I didn’t like Adeline at first because she was very fierce to me. She was always scolding me about my grammar and I got really fed up with her after a while. Hence, I would show a black face during her lessons. 👿  I thought she was the worst tutor ever but I was wrong. About a month before my O-Level Oral Examination, I became increasingly nervous because I knew how poor my spoken English was. Unable to cope with the stress, I broke down in front of her on several occasions. To my surprise, she was very encouraging and told me that she would do her best to help me, and she did. In the end, I thought I performed quite well for the exam, which greatly boosted my confidence. I also began to open up to Adeline and grew to like her and her lessons. As an English tutor, she truly cares about her students. Days before we sat for our written papers, she even texted us words of encouragement. Looking back, I used to be a very negative person but Adeline changed me. I am a lot more positive now and I definitely like English more than before! 🙂

Jessica Lim, Zhenghua Secondary School

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