Testimonials from Jolene, Jovin & Melvin (English Tuition)

To me, this has been the most engaging English tuition class. My English has improved a lot and the class has prepared me in every aspect (composition, situational writing, comprehension, editing, oral and so on). Adeline not only teaches us English. She also shares meaningful life lessons and teaches us how to be a better person. I am really glad I joined the class! 🙂

Jolene Lee, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School


Under Adeline’s wise guidance, my English grade jumped from C5 to A2 in eight months! Adeline is a very interesting and engaging English tutor who has countless jokes to tell. Thank you Adeline for the wonderful 2014 that you have given to all your students! You should add another insanely difficult grammar test to kill your students! 😀

Jovin Koh, Bowen Secondary School 

Note from Jovin’s mother – “Hi Adeline, thank you so much for teaching Jovin. I’m really surprised. I never expected him to do so well! Many many thanks to you!”


Wonderful experience! Adeline’s English tuition is very different from other tuition classes — highly enjoyable. I have learnt many useful writing techniques and grammar rules, and how to pronounce words correctly. Adeline, you are the best teacher I have ever had in my life. Thanks for helping me get a B4 within such a short time! 🙂  I wish you every success in the future!  

Melvin Tan, Yuying Secondary School 

Note from Melvin’s mother – “Adeline, I would like to thank you for guiding Melvin during his hard times and helping him get a higher grade. Also, thank you for comforting me when Melvin was stressed over his O-Level last year. I really appreciate the help you gave us.”

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