Testimonial from Looi Qianyu (English Tuition)


Adeline taught me for about a year. Although it was a short time, I learned a lot from her. She would always print well-written essays by her students and give them to us as reference. That really helped me in my writing as I learned how to express my thoughts and emotions with a variety of words and phrases. To be honest, I used to hate tuition to the core. Nonetheless, Adeline’s English tuition was an exception. Her style of teaching was very different from other tutors. She would often share her life experiences with us and crack jokes during lessons to make learning interesting. Besides that, she also looked after her students’ health. As our class was held early in the morning, most of us would skip breakfast so as to get more sleep. Hence, she would always prepare drinks and biscuits for our empty stomachs. The care and attention did not stop there. After obtaining my O-Level results, I sought help from her when I had difficulty choosing a suitable course in Poly. Without hesitation, she met up with me and gave me valuable advice despite having a terrible stomach ache that day. She’s really a caring and supportive tutor and it’s my honour to have met her! 😀

Looi Qianyu, Zhenghua Secondary School

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