Testimonial from Ng Shou Kee (English Tuition)

I consider it my great fortune to have known Teacher Adeline. As an English tutor, she was conscientious in her teaching and made the effort to address any queries I had about my schoolwork. Given her past experience as an editor, my writing benefited most from her exactness in language and creative inputs. She encouraged me to think out of the box and study problems from different perspectives to give my essays fresh ideas. That stayed on with me long after our lessons ended. Teacher Adeline is not just a professional teacher but a very good friend too. I knew she would be supportive of her students when she generously gave me advice in drafting a letter of appeal for my application to university. Time after time, she has also given me and my sister advice whenever we run into problems, which touches me greatly. All in all, I recommend you to attend Teacher Adeline’s lessons because I know that she will be there to support you all the way.

Ng Shou Kee, Hwa Chong Institution

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