Testimonial from Ryan Tan (English Tuition)


I could not believe my eyes when I first saw my O-Level result slip. I actually got an A1 for my English! It was a huge improvement and a great victory for me, and I could not have done it without Teacher Adeline. To me, she is one of a kind. She can relate to her students very well and is really good at making jokes. However, she can also be very serious when it comes to work. As a tutor, she is very committed to her students. She really wants to see everyone do well. I was in her class for only one year and I found it an extremely fun and enriching experience. I really like my English tuition class a lot and I think this sort of tuition is really hard to find.

Ryan Tan, West Spring Secondary School

Note from Ryan’s father – “Adeline, thank you for your care and effort! I feel very fortunate that you did not turn me down when I spoke to you about enrolling Ryan into your class. Do keep in touch with Ryan. Thanks again!”

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