Testimonial from Teresa Ooi (English Tuition)


At almost 40, I was the oldest student in Adeline’s class. After I graduated from secondary school, I continued to upgrade myself over the years, earning three diplomas and a degree to date. However, numerous attempts to retake my O-Level English as a private candidate were in vain (I kept getting E8!). Last year, I thought I would give it a last shot in hope for a pass. I am glad that I found Adeline’s English tuition class. She put me in a suitable class after finding out about my background and intention. I was in her class for less than five months before the exam and I learned so much from her. She was not only familiar with the syllabus, but was also able to address individual strengths and weaknesses and bring us up to speed for the exam. Seriously, after years of attending lectures, I think having a good teacher is a critical factor for learning and passing exams with flying colours. I never thought I could do well this round but I managed to get a C5 with Adeline’s coaching.  If I had found Adeline earlier, I could probably score higher and not have to retake the exam so many times. So thanks Adeline for your patience and professionalism!

Teresa Ooi, Executive Assistant to VP, MNC

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