Testimonials from Yuan En, Harisha & Qing Qian (Maths Tuition)

A Maths Tuition Class 2018 G1

Hi Teacher Leon, I would like to express my gratitude to you for helping me get distinctions for both A and E math! 😆

I think I told you before that math used to be my weakest subject when I was I primary school. I was always struggling with it and only managed to scrape a pass during exams. Nonetheless, things changed when I joined your math tuition in secondary 1. My results improved tremendously and I also began to find math a more enjoyable subject. 😊

Thanks a lot for being so patient with our class and going the extra mile to help us understand difficult math concepts! 😊 I am especially grateful that whenever I did not understand how to do a particular question (which happened quite often), you would explain things to me step-by-step and show me the different methods to tackle the question. It was because of your tuition class that I was able to consistently attain good grades for math from secondary 1 to 4! I wish you teach JC because you are the BEST MATH TUTOR!!!!!! All the best to you! 🤗

Zhuo Yuan En, Mayflower Secondary School

Note from Yuan En’s Mother – “Hi Leon, sorry for this long message. I told Yuan En that we should write you a glowing testimonial as that’s the least we could do! 😊 I’m so thankful that I signed her up for your maths tuition! 😆 As a typical parent, it’s my hope that my child does well in her studies, but more importantly, I want her to develop confidence. As Yuan En was always struggling with maths in primary school, confidence was something she severely lacked when it came to the subject. Instead, there was a lot of fear and resistance. Those were the days! 😓 Imagine my surprise when she told me in Sec 1 that she ‘kinda like math now’ after just one month in your class! 😱 It was even more SURPRISING and JAW-DROPPING that she improved in leaps and bounds and went on to top her cohort in math that year! 😱😱 WHAT A TRANSFORMATION! 👏👏 That achievement really boosted her confidence and I cannot thank you enough! 🙏 Yuan En and I will always have the greatest respect and admiration for you. 😊 Please continue with your good work and mould young minds!”


I only found math an interesting and fun subject after joining this tuition! 😆 Mr Leon is an inspiring and fun teacher and he’s the reason why I like math a lot! 🤗 Thanks for helping me improve so much, Mr Leon! I won’t forget your guidance. 😊

Chandiramohan Harisha, Christ Church Secondary School


Teacher Leon is a friendly and funny math tutor who makes lessons interesting and fun! When I first joined the class, I had a lot of CSM (careless stupid mistakes) and I didn’t quite understand what was going on in school. 😬 However, Teacher Leon clarified all my doubts and I was able to catch up very quickly. The lessons greatly increased my interest in math, as well as improved my grades. I got A1 for both A & E math! Yeah! ✌️

Lee Qing Qian, Chung Cheng High School (Main)

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