Testimonial from Chew Jia Rong (Maths Tuition)

A Maths Tuition Class 2014 - Jia Rong

Leon’s math tuition class has exceeded my expectations by a long shot! I came into his tuition class with F9 for both maths. Despite starting a little later than everyone else in class (joining only in secondary four), I have made much improvement in the limited time and have learnt a great deal on how to effectively reduce my careless mistakes and improve my proficiency in math. I tackle math questions with more confidence now.

Leon is a very friendly and approachable math tutor with a knack for communicating with students our age. He explains topics clearly with the intention of sharing the fundamentals with us and not just going through steps to solve questions. Eventually, for my O-Levels, I got A1 for A Math and A2 for E Math. Thank you so much, Leon! If it wasn’t for you I don’t think I could have gotten such great results! 🙂

Chew Jia Rong, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

Note from Jia Rong’s mother – “Hi Leon, I appreciate your guidance for Jia Rong this past year. She has shown tremendous improvement in her math and has achieved excellent results for her ‘O’ Levels. Jia Rong is very happy with her results, and my husband and I are also extremely proud. Thank you for your effort!”

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