Testimonials from Jia Tong & Krishna (Maths Tuition)


When I first joined teacher Leon’s maths tuition class, my grade was 36/100. I hated maths and my foundation was really horrible. But after teacher Leon’s tutoring, my grades improved by leaps and bounds! Furthermore, I found myself enjoying maths lessons for the first time in my life! From my worst subject, maths became my favourite and most confident subject.

Teacher Leon is very patient and lively. Whenever we are faced with doubts, he would always go through the questions thoroughly to ensure that everyone understands before moving on. He engages the class with additional background information that is highly interesting and fun. Lessons in school would never go through such stuff! I love your class, teacher Leon! Thanks for helping me score A2 for my O-Level! 🙂

Kow Jia Tong, Hougang Secondary School


I have been attending Mr Leon’s tuition class for about 2 years now. Initially, I was very bad at maths. Mr Leon’s tuition class has helped me strengthen my foundation in mathematics and all the activities we do in class has been very useful. Over time everything fell into place. Mr Leon is a very good maths tutor. In my opinion, without his dedicated coaching, I would never have been able to pass mathematics. He really knows his stuff so well, I can’t even explain it! He is a brilliant teacher!!

Krishna N., Christ Church Secondary School

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